Fireflies Studios is a small indie game development team made of five people, based in Brisbane, Australia, aimed at creating fun and exciting PC games to play.

Meet the team:


(from left to right)

Ken McQueen
A brilliant programmer with a pretty epic beard who was with us for the first half of our project. Due to personal reasons however, he has since left the group.

Tom Smeltzer
The main programmer of the team, Tom can usually be found madly typing away while resisting the ever-present urge to throw the keyboard through the screen.

Chris Hammond
Assistant producer and designer,  Chris likes to spend his time writing out new ideas and playing around in the level, constantly making sure it’s fun to play. That is of course,  when he’s not too busy playing League of Legends.

Caitlin Willmot
That’s me! ^-^ As the producer, designer and 2D artist, I’m in charge of seeing my original idea through to completion, no matter how many all nighters I have to force my team to take.

Alvin Wong Hoe Meng
One of our two modellers, Alvin is in charge of making most of the 3D models you see in the game, as well as making awesome particle effects.

Adam Park
A jack of all trades, Adam can model, program and pull together some sweet special effects audio.

Owen Jesse Smith (not pictured)
A friend of Tom’s, Owen is currently studying at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney; he is the mastermind behind our game and trailer music. His contact details can be found on our Contact page.


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