Official Site for Fireflies Studios

Welcome to the official page for Fireflies Studios, an indie game company based in Brisbane, Australia.

We are currently in the beta phase of our first project, D-Shift, a PC arcade style game where you control a spaceship and complete missions to get a high score, your main goal being to collect as many crystal resources as possible and avoid dying in the process. In the missions you’ll be going up against enemies, who want nothing more than to see you fail and steal your crystal resources, and obstacles such as asteroids, black holes, enemy mines and turrets.

Our game has a unique mechanic called the Dimension Drive, which allows you to shift into an alternate dimension and avoid everything in the normal dimension for a short amount of time.

We are focused on delivering a fast paced, bullet hell experience that encourages you to replay missions to get a better score.

Check back regularly for updates, and you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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